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I primarily install braided weave extensions. I find this technique to be the least damaging, most effective, and longest lasting.

I am also trained in other extension techniques and use them on an "as needed" basis. Everyone is different so I never completely exclude all options until we have a thorough consultation.


Additional Information

Extensions require maintenance every 6-8 weeks.


These appointments consist of removing the extensions, tightening the braid, and re-attaching the extension hair.

I require these appointments be made before leaving the salon after each visit to ensure your hair is well taken care of.

Caring for your

Extensions can be worn for fullness, length, or both. When wearing braided weaves, hair can be installed in 1-4 rows depending on desired results.

Sometimes a combination of techniques is used when needed. 

I color match the extension hair to match your existing or desired color. The company I use has a wide variety of color options. If in the rare instance we cannot match your color, I can custom color the extension hair.

Extensions come in a variety of textures as well! 

Taking care of extensions is a lot like taking care of your regular hair. However, you should take a few extra steps to ensure your extension hair lasts as long as possible.

  • Hair washing should be done 1-2 times per week.

  • Brushing should be done at least twice per day.

  • Hair should always be dry before going to bed for the night.

  • Extension hair should be placed in a braid every night.

  • Extension hair should be properly moisturized with an oil or serum every day,

  • Hair should only be worn in a low ponytail for the first 2 weeks after install. 

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