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Hi There!

Your first visit at a new salon can be scary! I totally understand! Rest assured, you're in good hands.


The Process

Are you ready to take the plunge? Keep reading to find out exactly what to expect when you visit me!

I know you're excited to get your hair done, I'm just as excited! But, there are a few things we have to do before we can make your hair dreams a reality.

1. Consultation

2. Appointment Day!

3. Maintenance Plan

Step One: Consultation

This is the first step in your hair journey with me! We will meet for a brief discussion about your goals, budget, and future maintenance. If we both agree we are a good fit, we will book your next appointment.


Step Two:
Appointment Day!

Welcome to the Salon! It's the day you finally get your hair done! I will meet you at the salon, go over our plans, and start your new hair transformation.

I want all of my clients to feel super comfortable during their visit. Feel free to bring a book, a beverage of choice, or snack!


Either street parking or parking lot options are available. 


I have light snacks, lattes, assorted bubbly water, and bottled water for all of my clients! There are also phone chargers for your use.

In addition, I also can provide a quiet appointment space for you. If you would prefer to work, read a book, or just simply relax in the quiet...just let me know! 

Step Three:
Maintenance Plan

Your hair journey doesn't stop after your appointment is over. After every appointment I will discuss your options for maintaining your new look!


This plan will include at home care instructions, future appointment needs, and how to book online. 

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